Monday, October 17, 2011

The Heat is On!

Okay, not really.  Our house is staying a comfortable 67 degrees, even with recent cooler days.  No need to turn the heat on yet!

With winter weather approaching Todd has been spending every spare moment on the fireplace.  But true to form, he's not so busy that he can't take a few moments to let Micah help.

We're so close!  The interior masonry is done.  Todd has put a felt-like layer between the yellow fire brick and the outer red brick to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.  Once he brings the common red brick all the way up, it will be time to haul the stone in for the outermost layer.

One of the things I admire so much is Todd's ability to read written instructions and turn them into something tangible.  It is a true gift---one that that will pay off in dividends of heat this winter!