Meet Shayne

Hi, my name is Shayne.  Welcome to our Life Under a Blue Roof!

This blog originated as a photo album of our housebuilding efforts for family and friends who were far away.  Over the past year and a half, it has evolved into a space set aside for community---where we come together to discuss ideas big and small and wonder at the awe of it all.

I am married to Todd, my husband of 15 years.  We originally met at Camp Lutherlyn as counselors, and the rest, as they say, is history.  We have two children:  Juliana, 8 and Micah, 4 1/2.  We stumble down this path called parenting together, asking God to help us every blessed step of the way.

With a background in teaching and science, caring for creation has emerged as somewhat of a focus for my writing.  There are so many small steps each of us can take along the way to become better stewards of what we've been given, and I feel called to encourage others in their journey on that road.

Another theme that seems to be evolving in my archives is the idea of what it means to be called.  Over the past eight years as a SAHM, I have questioned God over and over about my purpose and the calling He has for me.  While I don't claim to have any answers in the faith and vocation departments, I do know that above all else, I believe that God is good---that He is faithful to His promises and uses our day-to-day messy selves to touch the lives of others.

Thank you for joining me along our journey!