Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay---yesterday I left with the promise that I would share our "water splurge".  Ready?

During construction, Fred and I put a Jacuzzi in our bedroom.

I know!  Totally inconsistent with the "good-for-the-environment" side of me.  Doesn't really fit with the "saving water by using a composting toilet", except maybe that it helps me justify having it.  ;)

Here's the thing:  I believe in splurging from time to time.  Before Fred and I had children, we had an overnight getaway each winter.  Sometimes it coincided with cross country skiing.  More often than not, it involved a nice hotel room, complete with a whirlpool bath.

When we were looking to build our home there were many areas where we cut costs, but we decided to allow ourselves one splurge item.  Different people choose to splurge on different things in life---travel, cars, appliances, computers, etc.  Our splurge was to purchase a Jacuzzi.

This nook of our room is still under construction.  At some point, the concrete board in the picture will be tiled.  We have the tile.  Now we just need the time!  Another note:  just because you want to splurge on an item doesn't mean you need to pay full price.  We only paid 1/2 the retail cost by purchasing the Jacuzzi at our local Builder's Surplus.

Because we depend on a cistern system for water, we are judicious about our water use.  Jacuzzi use is somewhat seasonal, more readily available in the spring and falling-into-winter months.  

It's why you won't ever catch me complaining about rain.
Water is a blessing.



  1. LOVE this! It's gorgeous and delightful that you put a value on life's little pleasures. GO YOU!

  2. I am in total agreement with you about splurging, everyone will decide differently, but I think it is healthy too!

    I could stand to send you some of our rain water occasionally! If it wasn't for the fact that we have an artesian spring and pond on our property, I would look into a cistern as well. But I think spending the money on purifying the pond water is ideal for us.

    You are inspiring!