Saturday, November 5, 2011


My wonderful husband let me sleep in this morning while he got up with earlybird Micah.  
After breakfast, the real fun started.
We went through the ceiling today with the fireplace!
(And by "we", of course, I mean Todd.  He did the hard work.  I vacuumed up a little dust, uploaded pictures to the computer, and struggled through a maze of information online to choose a new cell phone plan.)

Micah was right there (in his Batman jammies) to hold the shop-vac hose and suck up little bits of drywall dust.

An oddly-placed bench in the upstairs hall, to keep small children from falling into the chimney flue tile.

I can feel the heat from the fireplace already.  Not too much longer!


  1. I love the Indigo Girls! So fun!

  2. Fun is exactly right! They're such great, personal performers. Even better, the Byham is such a small theater that every seat was awesome.