Sunday, November 22, 2009

Plaster Pals...

At three and a half, getting to help run the cement mixer is a pretty exciting job...
Tuba Boy with Uncle T. (T practices law during the week, but for two years came every weekend to help us with Haven. He very kindly offered to come mix plaster for my coop.)

Jewel applies slip to the wall before plastering.

Rafters for the roof of the coop.

Jewel was a tremendous help with the plaster on the inside wall of the coop. At six and a half years old, she kept saying, "I'm good at this!" Which is how I often feel working with earth plaster. I never expected that I could be good at plastering, or that I would enjoy it so much!


  1. so many great posts recently! I continue to dream of what I'll use this info for... goats, sheep, chickens, ME?

  2. Just know this---if you guys decide to build a homestead, we will gladly help you.