Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Straw Bale Coop (Part Seven): Raising the Roof!

Many thanks to Granddad and Fred, who donated a few hours on Saturday to place the roof on the straw bale coop!

Leftover metal roofing from Haven, cut to size & slid into place.

A view from under the roof. You can see the large overhang, which will help keep the bales dry.

Chicken wire is stapled into the top plate (the two-by-four that rests on top of the bales) and will be pinned into place before mudding.

This is the southern wall of the coop, which Jewel and I plastered while listening to the Steeler game on Sunday afternoon.

Today I was able to plaster the lower two courses of bales on the north and east sides. We are running low on chopped straw (an element of the plaster), and I wanted to "chicken-proof" the wall in case we aren't able to finish the upper plastering anytime soon. (From the way the girls will tear into flakes of straw in their bedding, I was afraid to leave unplastered bales within beak range.)

So today, I'm feeling thankful to my family, who has been so supportive during this project. We are at a good place to stop with the holiday weekend approaching.

God's blessings to you and your family, at Thanksgiving and always!

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